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Myanmar: A Country of Rich and Diverse Culture

Breathtaking world wonders wait in time-warped Myanmar – Myanmar visa
. Formerly called Burma, this almost forgotten ancient corner of Southeast Asia yields a concentration of Buddhist pagodas and monasteries festooned with maroon robed monks and beautiful nuns in pink. There are artisanal villages still navigated by ox and horse drawn carts and you will find really warm and welcoming people who have remained largely uncorrupted by mass tourism and fervent capitalism – for now.

The future is now for Myanmar – a nation that has emerged following a lengthy hibernation under a military dictatorship, and is presently on the tenuous path to democracy and filled with exuberance. Myanmar’s”new-ness” is in part why it has become the destination du jour: bringing everybody from Barrack Obama to global capitalists after a piece of the pie, to travelers and adventurers far and broad keen to discover new lands .

Myanmar is re-discovering itself and shifting quickly, speeding to catch up to the 21st century. For tourists this is both great and cause for concern. The great charm of the nation, or decent deal of it, rests in its old world appeal. Modernization has its own cost, and while the influx of funds means better infrastructure at the works, it also means higher costs. Resort prices have in just two decades tripled in many scenarios, and cost hikes will not stop until enough new hotels come online.

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